As an artist, the fleeting qualities of light and colour excite me. I am trying to grasp the internal qualities, the essential mood and spirit of place. Sometimes I use a straightforward, representational approach, but increasingly I am exploring the abstract. I love to experiment with texture and colour and follow themes and ideas of work, large and small.

I love the wilderness areas, gardening and walking. Having explored the theme of ‘Boundaries’ - fields, walls and fences, the edges of sea and shadows, I am now exploring the changing seasons in abstract form as well as my representational work.

Wetherlam Rocks - Acrylic,  40 x 50 cm.

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This year, I have been exploring different ways of working, looking to emphasise the textures and abstract qualities in my local area without losing the overall mood of the landscape.

Some of the work from this recent period is shown below.

Impressions of Anglesey - Acrylic,  60 x 60 cm.

Sunlit Snow - Mixed Media, 37 x 54 cm.